• Samuel Parrish

    My G45 is pictured in the thumbnail for the tread texture and full cut on this site. It came out incredible. I wanted a really aggressive grip with ledges and I could not be happier. It only took a few weeks and was well worth the wait. My friend had his 19 done by 2A and it also came out perfect. Everyone I show it to loves it.

  • Joe C

    Amazing, super sharp lines, attention to detail is top notch. Dane is working on my second and any others from here on.

  • Tim Tyler

    Absolutely the best stippling job I have had done. Also very nice and easy to deal with. 5-star!

  • Jon

    2AS is a great advocate of the 2nd amendment, and is amazing at what they do. I have seen them put in work up close, and they don’t leave out any detail. If your firearm is in need of some more grip, ergonomics, or aesthetics, 2AS is the place to go.

  • Brett

    Dane has now done 3 pistols for me... a G19, G29 and a Sig P365. I am at the point that I am looking for things to send him as work he has turned out is amazing. The communication and delivering on advertised product is second to none and can happily and fully recommend sending your gun to him for the worthwhile upgrade. It is money well spent and no regrets. If I could send my son's Nerf guns off to him... I would in a heartbeat.

  • Anthony

    Amazing, amazing work. These guys here do some amazing work. Would never, ever go with anyone else to get work done. They did my 43x stippling and man, amazing work. Not only do I love the work but I love the mission here. Thank God I came across this company.

  • Joseph Harris

    Amazing work, turned my CZ into a handheld masterpiece. Fits like a glove, sticks like Velcro. Oh and it looks like a world class work of art. All with a fast turnaround and fair price….what more could you ask for.

  • Dane L

    An amazing job done on my CZ! All of my future firearms will be sent here. Quality work for an amazing price. God bless

  • Patrick Davis

    His work speaks for itself he is blessed with a talent and he will definitely bless your firearm I won’t send my gun to anybody else but 2Astippling just send in your frame already and see for your self 🇺🇸

  • Blake

    If you’re looking for a top of the line stippling job, look no farther. Dane is the man. The looks are great but the way his undercuts mold to your hand makes your favorite pew feel like it was custom fitted for you.

  • Cory

    Where to start well I had been looking for a company to stipple my firearm but I preferred someone local to do it so I could talk to the person face to face and tell them exactly what I wanted. Little did I know he lived like 15 minutes from me. I met him told him what I wanted he said cool ill get you fixed up and holler back at you when it's done...I wasn't mentally prepared for what I was about to see when I came to pick it up. He knocked it out of the park. The stipple job was even better than I had mentally imagined. I highly recommend 2a stippling to anyone wanting to upgrade the grip to their firearm or just wanting it to look better. Although he's only done this one firearm I plan on taking him many more in the near future. The whole process was a breeze.

  • Greg T

    dane's work is second to none. ive had framework done before and it turned out good but nothing like 2astippling. we sat down and discussed options and dane dug a little deeper in the frame to help with my sweaty hands. top notch work.

  • Derek Hendricks

    Fantastic work. Even better customer service.

  • Zach Mabry

    Easy to talk to and get ahold of. Customer service 10/10 and highly recommend. Flawless work!

  • Chris

    Dane does incredible work he has done 2 of my personal guns and I have sent him 3 friends who have gotten a total of 5 guns done by him. He will be getting my Staccato soon. You will never be disappointed with the work

  • Cody wright

    Highly recommend, great quality work and excellent customer service! Dane is the man👊

  • Corey Ross

    Listen, have you’ve ever felt the roughness of pavement on bare feet, or the feeling of a cat’s tongue? Do you have a childhood memory of scraping your knee on a concrete slab and saying to yourself man that concrete texture sure roughed messed me up good. Perhaps you have a weird cliche admiration for gravel roads like they do in country songs. Now you’re all grown up and you want those textures on your firearms? Look no further, Dane is an artist. If Picasso were around today, he would look like a chump next to how cool Danes stipple artwork is. And he can capture those desires, memories, textures, on the frame of your firearms. This will give you all the assurance you need that your gun will not leave your hands. Your hands will be stuck on the gun like oatmeal left in a bowl overnight. Stuck like that 3 inch long hair on a bathroom urinal. Like a bad habit, you won’t want to put your gun down. Like a Hillary Clinton email all your grip issues will be deleted when you use a 2a stippled gun. Just like how Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself, your Glock can’t stipple itself, so leave it with Dane. You’ll stare at it like it’s your last meal, and you’ll drool over your calendar trying to find a excuse to go blast through some expensive ammo just to show off how cool your gun is to all the NRA range fudds. After your wife gets madder than a hornet without a stinger and makes you sleep on the couch for buying more guns just so you can send them to Dane, remember, Dane will be there, he cares, he will do the stipple, worth it. Dane has done work on 3 (raise hell, praise Dale) of my firearms, and I’ll be sending him more. Do it. You won’t ragret it, not even a single letter. You’re welcome.

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  • Andrew Hilliker

    2A Stippling made my first ever gun stippling process an absolute breeze. I was new to the entire process and Dane personally worked with me one on one to answer all of the questions I had / what I had to do (shipping frame etc.) I gave full creative liberty when I got my Glock 19 frame stippled and it did not disappoint. Full grip stippling, undercuts, and thumb supports were done and man I can't ever go back. It improves every aspect of the pistol and if you are on the fence, go for it. 5/5 stars - can't wait to send more work their way.

  • Jonathan Sustache

    Best stippling i have ever had done. Dane is the only guy that’s going to work on my stuff. About to drop off number 3

  • Matthew

    Did great work on my Glock 17 Gen 5! I brought it to him to "cover up" another company's job that was not so great. Was stunned when he returned it to me. Highly recommend.